How Lanco Helps the Environment

Lanco is a leader in green manufacturing processes and our commitment to the environment is unparalleled. We build our products with carefully selected, high quality, environmentally friendly materials.


Our processes

Through iterative improvements in our processes, we constantly strive to minimize waste and pollution. Our Just-in-time (JIT) production strategy promotes the conservation of natural resources and enables us to deliver cost-effective products to our customers in the least amount of time.


Our materials

By strongly advocating recycling and carefully selecting materials for each product we manufacture, we provide our clients with an optimal blend of cost, quality, and environmental sustainability.


Our commitment

We understand how important your family is to you and we are committed to providing high-quality, innovative products that are friendly to the environment. Generations to come will benefit from Lanco's proactive stance on helping make the world a better place.


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